NAECO electrical contact materials are produced in all major alloys and composites and whatever form you require.

Silver, platinum, palladium, gold, nickel, copper, graphite, tungsten, molybdenum, tin-oxide and cadmium-oxide as well as special compositions to match your application.

NAECO materials are available in all forms:

  • Brazed, welded and staked assemblies.
  • Machined, stamped or turned contact bases, carriers and studs.
  • Contact rivets – solid, bi-metal, and tri-metal.  Our rivets are ideal for high-speed automated assembly processes.  High Precision Contact Rivets for Single or Multiple Bowl Feeding.
  • Precious metal Stampings and castings.
  • Tips of any shape, with or without pre-applied braze material.
  • Clad materials as well as Silver Inlay, Edgelay and Throughlay on copper, Ag Bronze, CuFe2, Cu Bronze, and Cu Ni, or other carrier metals.
  • Simple and complicated continuous profile contact tapes.
  • Semi-finished forms including wire, strip, sheet and foils.
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