NAECO is always seeking to innovate with regard to our materials, machinery and processes.

Today, NAECO owns 13 USPTO recognized Trade Names and Trade Marks, some with roots to the 1920’s.  NAECO has granted patents with several others in the pipeline.  Thus far, NAECO has 93 materials listed in Matweb , the online materials database.

Materials Innovations and Development:

NAECO approaches materials innovation from our customer’s point of view: how can we help improve our customer’s product performance, and bring new tools to solve challenges in higher performance, higher efficiency, and higher safety/reliability?  NAECO has active collaborations with the US Department of Energy Office of Science, National Laboratories, EPA and other national and state organizations.

We work exclusively with existing customers, and we maintain strict confidentiality and a focus on commercial results. Let us know how we can help you.

Process Development:

The NAECO research and development program is also active in process development.  Some of our innovations include:

  • Best in class ultrasonic testing of braze joints.
  • Unmatched breadth of silver and copper materials for virtually any electrical application.
  • Innovative adaptation of optical inspection that has been benchmarked by customers and suppliers.
  • Materials development of the former CMW Contact materials, leading to 100% confirmation success to standards, specification, and technical requirements of our customers.
  • New and custom alloys and applications for you and your customers.
  • Hundreds of new custom parts developed annually.
January 31, 2024 in News, R&D

NAECO R&D program winner in Department of Energy (DOE) Competition

A major element of NAECO’s R&D focus is to develop new composite materials to help our customers. In an ongoing competition, NAECO was recognized as top competitor in the US…
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