NAECO supplies medical grade components & materials in various forms

NAECO is your trusted supplier of medical-grade components and materials, specializing in Stainless Steel and Titanium alloys, vital for medical device manufacturing. With ISO 13485 certification, we ensure the highest quality standards for all our products.

Our precision CNC machining, stamping, and forming capabilities, combined with our extensive range of biocompatible alloys, make NAECO the ideal partner for intricate and durable medical applications.

As an ISO 13485 certified facility, NAECO adheres to regulatory requirements and maintains superior quality control. Our expertise extends to Nuclear Medicine applications, offering NAECOMETĀ® Tungsten Based High Density Metals for radiation shielding in various medical equipment.

From collimators to radioactive source containers, NAECOMETĀ® materials provide unmatched shielding capabilities without environmental or health concerns. Trust NAECO for machining, sourcing, assembling, and shipping your medical device components with precision and reliability.

Machining, sourcing, brazing, assembling, inspecting, engraving, kitting and shipping, NAECO is your one stop shop for medical devices and assemblies.

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