NAECO supplies medical grade components & materials in various forms

NAECO serves the medical industry by manufacturing components made of medical grade Stainless Steel and Titanium materials.  We are also a leader in the supply of various forms of biocompatible alloys to serve any of your application needs going into medical devices, components or implants.

NAECO® precision CNC machining, Stamping & forming capabilities coupled with these materials, position us as your best source for intricate, delicate, yet durable products for various medical applications.

As an ISO 13485 certified facility with a proven quality system, NAECO meets all regulatory requirements and ensures best practices are met in everything we do.

NAECO is active in Nuclear Medicine applications. NAECOMET® Tungsten Based High Density Metals are often utilized for radiation shielding in drug storage and delivery applications as well as containment vessels, shielding and directional focus apparatus without the health or environmental threats that lead presents.

Common applications include collimators, syringe and vial shields, and radioactive source containers. NAECOMET® High density materials are highly effective absorbing gamma radiation and X-rays.  The NAECOMET® family of tungsten based materials have densities that are at least 50% greater than lead, yet provide better shielding capability without the health or environmental concerns.

Machining, sourcing, brazing, assembling, inspecting, kitting and shipping……. NAECO will get it done for you!

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