NAECO’s ® world of products includes precision materials for countless applications in electronic and electromechanical devices, cold-forming, stamping, molding and plating applications.

We support manufacturers, distributors and researchers with reliable and cost-effective material solutions. Some of the many end uses for our products:

  • Automotive electrical and mechanical components
  • Industrial Switches / Breakers / Contactors
  • Residential and Commercial electrical controls
  • Military, Aerospace & Marine electrical and mechanical components
  • Substations / High Voltage controls

Overview of Major Electrical Contact Materials and Forms

ALLOY/ReferenceCommon NAECO MaterialsCompositionWireCoilsSheets/
Fine SilverNAECOLOY® FS-49S, FS999Ag 99.99; 99.97*******
Silver NickelNAECOMET® D510F, D50F, N800, D56, N600AgNi 0.15;  AgNi 10 - 40*******
Silver IronNAECOMET® D57FAgFe 10******
Silver Cadmium OxideNAECOMET® D54, D54F, D55, D55FAgCdO 10 - 15*******
Silver Tin OxideNAECOMET® SB, SM or SR8, SR10, SR12AgSnO 8, 12******
Silver Copper, Coin Silver, Sterling SilverNAECOLOY® C900, C925AgCu 3 – 10 AgCuNi 24.5, 0.5*******
Silver GraphiteNAECOMET® GR2, GR3, D58AgC 2 – 7;   Ag impregnated,  AgC 40**
Silver TungstenELKON® 20S, 35S, 50SAgW***
Silver Magnesium Nickel  Consil 995NAECOLOY® C995 AgMgNi****
Silver Tungsten CarbideELKON® G12, G13, G14AgWC, AgWNiC***
Copper TungstenELKON® R25, R30, R32, R45CuW***

Other Materials: Ag Metal Oxides, Pt, Pd, PtIr, PtRh, AgPd, PtPD, PtAu, PtNi.  Ask us about RoHS compliance.

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