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Noble metal alloys that provide exceptionally high resistance to corrosive environments

Platinum and Palladium both offer high melting points and extreme resistance to oxidation and chemical attack. While hardness and electrical conductivity of Platinum Group Metals are relatively low, both can be improved.  Hardness and strength can be increased by alloying with other noble metals such as Iridium or Ruthenium and conductivity can be increased by alloying with Silver.

The Platinum and Palladium Group Metals are also often used in medical applications that require their unique bio-compatibility.

ELKONIUM® gold, gold alloy contacts, or contacts that are gold plated are also extremely tarnish resistant and are often used in high reliability applications with long periods of time when the device is not being actuated, but when it is brought into service, it absolutely must work, (aircraft ejection seats for example).

ELKONIUM Platinum Group Materials

ELKONIUM® DesignationDescription
ELKONIUM 3099.9% Minimum Platinum
ELKONIUM 3190% Platinum / 10% Iridium
ELKONIUM 3697% Silver / 3% Platinum
ELKONIUM 4099.9% Minimum Palladium
ELKONIUM 4172% Palladium / 26% Silver / 2% Nickel
ELKONIUM 4260% Palladium / 40% Silver
ELKONIUM 4840% Palladium / 60% Silver
ELKONIUM 7072% Gold / 26.2% Silver / 1.8% Nickel
ELKONIUM 7269% Gold / 25% Silver / 6% Platinum
ELKONIUM 7690% Gold / 10% Copper
ELKONIUM 9999.9% Minimum Gold
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