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The Noble Metal group, consisting mainly of Gold, Platinum and Palladium but also Silver, Rhodium, Iridium, Osmium and Ruthenium, have long been known to be compatible with the human body.

Our Bio-compatible Elkonium® products help medical device producers meet the ever-changing needs for advanced medical materials. NAECO combines our materials expertise with our advanced engineering and fabrication skills to be an ideal source for medical raw materials or finished parts.

Customer demand has also moved us to manufacture parts from bio-compatible base metals and alloys such as Titanium, Nitanol, medical-grade Stainless Steel, and plastics such as Delrin.

These materials are used to fabricate parts for in vivo and ex vivo uses. In addition to precision fabricated parts, NAECO can deliver our bio-compatible materials for your use as semi-finished wire, strips, rods and sheets. All deliveries are assured through our advanced Medical (ISO 13485) and Aerospace (AS 9100D) Quality Management System.

NAECO is glad to supply custom materials and support customer R&D efforts.

ELKONIUM® Bio-Compatible Precious Metal Materials

NAECO DesignationDescription
ELKONIUM 39999.99% Minimum Platinum
ELKONIUM 39599.95% Minimum Platinum
ELKONIUM 3099.9% Minimum Platinum
ELKONIUM 3190% Platinum / 10% Iridium
ELKONIUM 30185% Platinum / 15% Iridium
ELKONIUM 3280% Platinum / 20% Iridium
ELKONIUM 3875% Platinum / 25% Iridium
ELKONIUM 33070% Platinum / 30% Iridium
ELKONIUM 31090% Platinum / 10% Rhodium
ELKONIUM 31387% Platinum / 13% Rhodium
ELKONIUM 30892% Platinum / 8% Tungsten
ELKONIUM 4099.9% Minimum Palladium
ELKONIUM 41090% Palladium / 10% Iridium
ELKONIUM 41585% Palladium / 15% Iridium
ELKONIUM 9999.9% Minimum Gold
ELKONIUM 99599.95% Minimum Gold
ELKONIUM 99999.99% Minimum Gold
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