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NAECO® Medical Products Overview


NAECO® has been a leader in the supply of various Gold, Platinum, Palladium and other precious metal alloys used in medical devices, components and implants since the company was founded in 1999.  NAECO® has a well-deserved reputation of producing superior, world-class quality in all of its products. As an ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100C and Nadcap® certified facility with a legacy of high end Aerospace production, NAECO® takes great pride in managing and continuously improving our robust quality system. NAECO® precision machining, micro-machining, precision turning, micro-stamping and forming capabilities coupled with these same materials, as well as medical grades of Stainless Steel and Titanium, and our respected Quality Assurance system, position us as your best source for intricate, delicate, yet durable products for medical device applications.

NAECO® is also active in Nuclear Medicine applications. NAECOMET® Tungsten Based High Density Metals are often utilized for radiation shielding in drug storage and delivery applications as well as containment vessels, shielding and directional focus apparatus without the health or environmental threats that lead presents.

Common applications include collimators, syringe and vial shields, and radioactive source containers. NAECOMET® High density materials are highly effective absorbing gamma radiation and X-rays.  The NAECOMET® family of tungsten based materials have densities that are at least 50% greater than lead, yet provide better shielding capability without the health or environmental concerns.



NAECO® enjoys a long history of producing superior, world-class quality in all of its products. As an ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100C and Nadcap® certified facility, NAECO® takes great pride in managing and continuously improving its robust quality system. The NAECO® quality system is focused on ensuring that quality is reinforced at every step of managing your order. Many of the products NAECO® manufactures involve a significant amount of critical detail that must be accommodated with the highest degree of accuracy.


NAECO®understands that you must receive products that adhere strictly to all standards and specifications set forth. The NAECO® depth of professional experience, unique manufacturing processes and demonstrated consistency come together to produce products of the highest quality. Document control, processing detail, first article inspections, in-process inspections, final quality inspections, corrective action and continuous improvement are all key elements of the NAECO® quality assurance system. Manufacturing the highest quality products is a core tenant of our business.

Continuous improvement is ingrained in every element of the NAECO® Way.  We actively encourage and expect every employee to participate in the continual improvement process. NAECO® associates understand that only by way of continuous improvement will we be able to maintain the leading position in our industry that NAECO® has attained.



The NAECO® commitment to outstanding customer service provides confidence and peace of mind to each of our customers. NAECO® offers unique and innovative supply chain solutions to resolve those difficult situations that come between you and your production goals. We look forward to serving as your dedicated partner to craft solutions for your high density material requirements.


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