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The NAECO® Family of Silver Alloys and Silver Semi-Refractory contact materials provide high electrical and thermal conductivity and also resist atmospheric oxidation better than most metals.

Our NAECOLOY® silver alloy materials have high thermal conductivity that dissipates heat and low film resistance to reduce voltage drop and keep temperature rise to a minimum. The addition of metal oxides in our NAECOMET® materials such as cadmium oxide and tin oxide will also enhance the resistance to contact sticking or welding.

This photo shows various contact buttons, discs and rivets made from silver alloy materials.

NAECOLOY® Silver Alloys have been widely used as contact materials in numerous applications for many years. NAECOLOY® FS999 is 99.9% pure silver, highly conductive, ductile and easily made into a variety of forms including tips, rectangles, discs, buttons, strip and rivets. The addition of other elements to silver can enhance the physical properties of the alloyed material, making them the perfect materials for specific applications.

NAECOLOY® C995 benefits from the addition of small amounts of magnesium and nickel. NAECOLOY® N850 has 15% added nickel and NAECOLOY® C900 has 10% added copper for increased hardness. The addition of a small amount of noble metals such as palladium or platinum to silver can improve the resistance to corrosion, increase the materials wear characteristics and raise the materials melting point reducing the tendency for material transfer during arcing. NAECOLOY® Pd700 and Pd400 both contain palladium in addition to silver.    

NAECOLOY Silver Alloys

NAECOMET® Silver-Cadmium Oxide and Silver-Tin Oxide materials are silver and metal oxide composites providing high thermal and electrical conductivity, excellent arc interruption characteristics and high resistance to arc erosion and contact welding or sticking. These composites are also available in several forms and compositions.

Cadmium Oxide content can range from 10% to 20% by weight and are manufactured by powder metallurgy, wrought powder metallurgy, externally oxidized (or post-oxidized) and internally oxidized (or pre-oxidized) methods. NAECO also offers several varieties of Silver-Tin Oxide materials with various compositions and additives depending on your requirements.

NAECOMET Silver-Cadmium Oxide and Silver-Tin Oxide

ISO 9001 Standards ISO 9100 Standards

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